About MCF

Meseret Care Fund (MCF) is an organization set up in late 2007 by a group of concerned friends who wished to contribute to combating the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, particularly the social and economic impacts on the poorest families, and on the education of children, often exacerbating the cycle of poverty.  

The catalyst for the inauguration of the group was the donation of funds from friends in Skerries, Ireland.

The Organisation is named in honour of Meseret Mengistu, a friend, and a victim of HIV/AIDS.  She suffered not just from the health affects of the virus, but the stigmatism and economic impacts that the virus brings with it.  Those involved in the organisation have watched many family, friends and colleagues dying due to the virus.

MCF Aims

  1. To deliver assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS in an organized and targeted manner
  2. To reduce the economic and social hardship for our families
  3. To assist our families in enrolling and keeping their children in full-time education
  4. To allow children to remain in education through economic and other supports to the household and children
  5. To assist HIV/AIDS affected family members in obtaining medical treatment and ongoing support from relevant sources
  6. To allow effective treatment of HIV/AIDS affected family members through enabling provision of adequate diet
  7. To ensure affected families continue to develop and become self sufficient, through the development of small businesses, as well as through the education of the children
  8. To foster a sense of community and cooperation between our beneficiary families for the benefit of all

MCF Values